Hologram Projectors
This item is great fun if you are an Agent as you can hide in a tree or a rock
and then surprise people.
Parts you need
Hologram PD: QL 20
This item can be found in RK missions around Rubi-ka.
There are six different types to collect as listed below.
Hologram PD:
Hologram PD:
Jokka Tree
Hologram PD:
Metal Crate
Hologram PD:
Mossy Rock
Hologram PD:
Rock Block
Hologram PD:
Wood Crate
Expandable Hologram Camera QL1
This item can be found in all Supplies shops around Rubi-Ka.
You need 1 per Hologram.
How to make
All the Holograms are made the same so we will just use a Mossy Rock as a Example below.
Add the Expandable Hologram Camera to the Hologram PD: Mossy rock to make you’re
Hologram Projector: Mossy Rock.
NOTE: once made this can be used many times but can only be used once every 10 Minutes.
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