Pocket Bosses
Symbiant types
Pocket Bosses are mobs that drop Symbiants to replace old implants with a lot
more modifications. You do need Shadowlands thou to wear them. Below I will
list what you need and how to look for what you need. Lets look at one of the
Symbiants I wear then we can split it up in sections to what the description
means in Ql, body part, profession.
Listed below are the different types of named and Ql Symbiants .
Note the Ql of the symbiant dose not correspond with your level.
Each symbiant will have its own level that you need to before you to
 wear it, plus you will need skills in your abilities and treatment to match.
QL 1 Unconscious
QL 5 Moronic
QL 10 Ignorant
QL 15 Inattentive
QL 20 Lethargic
QL 25 Neglectful
QL 30 Sleeping
QL 40 Sluggish
QL 50 Dispirited
QL 60 Lulled
QL 70 Animated
QL 80 Moving
QL 90 Vibrating
QL 100 Breathing
QL 110 Operative
QL 120 Prevailing
QL 130 Residing
QL 140 Running
QL 150 Surviving
QL 160 Working
QL 170 Active
QL 180 Awakened
QL 190 Enduring
QL 200 Growing
QL 210 Living
QL 220 Persisting
QL 230 Vigorous
QL 240 Effective
QL 250 Excited
QL 260 Vital
QL 270 Congnizant
QL 280 Alert
QL 290 Conscious
QL 300 Intelligent
Listed below are the what professions the names corrispond too.
Excited Brain Symbiant, Control Unit Aban.....Pretty neat symbiant,
Ok lets split this up to the 3 parts of the description

  1. Excited = QL (Listed below)
  2. Brain Symbiant = Place wear it will go in your body
3.Control Unit Aban = This name will tell you what profession can wear
   (listed below)
Artillery Unit
Infantry Unit
Support Unit
Control Unit
Extermination Unit
Martial Artist
Martial Artist
Now you know what name you need and what Symbiant you would like, we can now search
what Ql you can wear and what mob drops the patterns you need to produce the crystal to
spawn the mob that drops your symbiant, We will go into this later in these pages on how to
make the pattern parts etc,If you use the guide link below you can search the symbiant pages
and gather the info you need for the patterns.
Parts you need
As I said on the page before we are hunting for the Shake pattern,
to enable us to get this we must find four parts of a pattern to make
into a complete pattern. Each part will drop off the mob in a random order.
Any pattern will be the same except the last name.
Aban Pattern Of 'Shake' Ql 192
Bhotaar Pattern Of 'Shake' Ql 192
Chi Pattern Of 'Shake' QL 192
Dom Pattern Of 'Shake' Ql 192
Crystal Filled by the Source Ql 1-300
You need one per full pattern and these you can get off your local
MP who makes these by request.Note the Ql of the Crystal Filled by
the Source must be the same or higher than the pattern, so in this
example we can use a QL 200 Crystal Filled by the Source.
Furious Novictum Nexus Ql 190 - 219
You need 1 per full pattern and these you can get Spirit mobs in
Shadowlands Dungeons, There is 6 different types each type is a
different rang in Ql (Listed below), Higher the Ql mob the Higher
Ql Novictum.For this example we will use Furious Novictum Nexus
190 - 219 As the Ql of this has to be the same Ql or higher than the pattern.
Disturbed Sequence of Novictum
Provoked Bond of Novictum
Pith of
Vicious Novictum Continuity
Furious Novictum Nexus
Cataclysmic Birth of Novictum
Tools you need
Ancient Novictum Refiner Ql 1
You can get these from Yuttos Tools in Shadowlands Not
all sell but you might get lucky the first one you see.
How to make
Add the Bhotar pattern to the Aban pattern to make a Aban-Bhotar Pattern of ' Shake'
Add the Aban-Bhotar pattern to the Chi pattern make a Aban-Bhotar-Chi Pattern of ' Shake'
Add the Aban-Bhotar-Chi pattern to the Dom pattern to make your Complete Blurprint of 'Shake'
Step 1
Step 2
Add the Crystsl filled with source to the Complete pattern to make your Notum Crystal With Etched 'Shake'
Step 3
Use the Notum Refiner on the Furious Novictum to make a subdued Flow of Novictum
Add the Subdued flow of novictum to the Notum crystal with etched 'Shake' to make your
Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Shake' Ql192
Step 4
Now you are ready to spawn your Pocket boss and then kill it and fingers cross it will drop
your Symbiant. There are certain places that you can spawn your bosses depending on
the Ql of your Crystal these are called Incarnators. You can find these in every Zone in
Shadowlands and can be found on your Big map of Shadowlands Note: the Ql of the
Incarnators needs to be the same Ql or higher than you Crystal. When you do these,
it is always good to have a doc or a good tank as it can be fun with dmg.
when you are ready you highlight the centre so it says Incarnator as your target then
you right click on the crystal and a few seconds your boss will pop and attack whom
ever is there so be ready to kill.
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