Tier Jobe Armour Specials
First in each group of different glyph profs (aban, Ocra, Enel),
you will see that 1 prof has a Tier2 back item being:

Enel = Adventurer
Ocra = Soldier
Aban = Martial Artist

So these 3 professions have to add their respective T3 glyph to their T2 backpack.

first have to add the Arcana glyph to the Advanced Jobe Suit Support system
and then rightclick it.But be carefull,
 there are ONLY 8 professions which do this Being:


After they have their class specific support system they just
add the T3 glyph to make it.

Now if you paid attention to all this, you will notice that each glyph profession group
has 1 profession in it with neither a Tier2 backpack or a Jobe class
specific backpack being:

Aban = Enforcer
Enel = Agent
Ocra = Doctor

These 3 profs have to add a T3 glyph directly to the Excellent Jobe suit
support system without first rightclicking it.

Now the shoulderpads I think deserve a bit of attention too, since you migt have
noticed or not, that there are 2 groups in that department too.
You will notice that the 3 professions that have a Tier2 backpack will not have a tier2
shoulderpad (being Adventurer, Martial Artist, Soldier)
So the other 11 professions just add their T3 glyph to the T2 shoulderpads,
buts these 3 have to add it to an Excellent Jobe Suit shoulderpad

The backpack and shoulderpads are the 2 items players tend to mess up,
specially if they follow a guide which isnt fully correct. And FC doesn't reimburse
hem anymore if you make em wrong, so better make sure it is correct.

Infomation Supplied by Blasterx
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