Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat
Parts you need to do to make
One x Trenchcoat QL 1
 Found in low Ql missions on rk
36 x Cold Stone QL 190 + is needed for the Notucomm Mesh Trenchcoat
but if you want the Modified Notucomm Mesh coat then you only need Ql 144 +
Found in Missions and in Medusa mobs in EFP and DAV
6 x Reinforced Notucomm Wire QL 150+
Found in all Tower shops in the Yalm booth
Tools you need
Nano Programming Interface
QL1 Found in a Supplies shops
How to make
Use the Nano Programming Interface on the Cold Stone to make a
Sentient Cold Stone do this to all 36.
Add x 6 Sentient Cold Stones to the Reinforced Notucomm Wire to make a
Complete Notucomm Circuitry So once you have added 6 Stone's to six Wires’ you will End up with six of these.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Add a Complete Notucomm Circuitry to another Complete Notucomm Circuitry
To make a Double Notucomm Circuitry do this with all six so you end up with three of these.
Step 4
Add a Double Notucomm Circuitry to another Notucomm Circuitry to make a
Quadruple Notucomm Circuitry.
Step 5
Add the last Double Notucomm Circuitry to the Quadruple Notucomm Circuitry to make
A Notucomm Mesh.
Step 6
Add the Notucomm mesh to the Trenchcoat to make a Notucomm Mesh Trenchcoat
Step 8
Solid Spiritec Mesh QL 160
Drops of Soul Dredge in Adonis Shadowlands
Add the Solid Spiritech Mesh to the Notucomm Mesh Trenchcoat to make your
Modified Notucomm Mess Trenchcoat QL 160
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