Modified Ancient Combat Bracer Ver 3
Parts you Need
There is a cool bracer in town and the parts are from Albtraum in the depths of inferno. If you can get all the parts contact me or your local tradeskiller as you need high skills to make. There are 3 types of this bracer and this is one off them.
 NOTE: The last part should be done by you as it becomes Non Drop item but it is ok you dont need any skills to do the last part.
Crystalised Memories of a Defender QL 250
Found on Mobs in Albtraum play field
How to make
Add the Crystalised Memories of a Defender to the Ancient Combat Bracer
to make your Modified Ancient Combat Bracer.
1hBlunt 1hEdged MeleeEnergy 2hEdged
Piercing 2hBlunt SneakAttack FastAttack


Ancient Combat Bracer you have already made
if not use link to see how it has been made.
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