Crawler & Prowler Armor
This a cool Armor to get as it starts at level 50 then can be levelled to 150 as you
get the stats to level the Armor, so it is great for a low char and the mods
 are cool as well with nice evades with the full set. All items can be gained from
 The Crypt of Home Dungeon in Broken Shores just out side city of Home.
 The Skincrawler Hide below drops off all the prowlers in the dungeon.
Parts you need
Large Patch of Hard Skincrawler Hide
Large Patch of Soft Skincrawler Hide
Patch of Soft
Skincrawler Hide
Patch of Hard Skincrawler Hide
Small Patch of Hard Skincrawler Hide
Small Patch of Soft Skincrawler Hide
Patch of Inflexible Skincrawler Hide
Damaged Proliferation Unit
This you will need one per Armor piece you wish to make. These only drop of the prowler
 boss in the dungeon.
Tools you need
Found in any Supplies shop in and around Rub-ika
Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor)
This tool has to be made. Follow the Guide if you wish to make one.
How to make
Step 1
All the Armor is made in the same way, so I will use the chest as an example.
Crawler Body Armor Ql 75
Ok this stage you cannot level the item higher than level 75 plus at this time it dose not have a non-Drop flag, But still a nice piece of Armor. If you wish this to be lvl then carnie on with the next steps.
Step 2
Use the Screwdriver on the Damaged Proliferation Unit to make your Proliferation unit.
Step 3
Prowler Body Armor
Add the Proliferation Unit to your Crawler Body Armor to make your
 Prowler Body Armor. NOTE: This is now a Non-Drop item and it can be levelled
 to a max of level 150 if you have the abilities to level the Armor that high.
crawler%20body%20armor.gif tradeskillsv5046014.jpg
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