Strong Regenerating Bioplate
Parts you need for shop built
There are 2 way's of making this the first way is to buy the items you need from
uncle Bazzit shop or the second way is to hunt for items that drop off some mobs
and make that way.....The difference is that hunting you save over 4 mill creds per plate.
Generic volatile Nanobots
QL Special This can be found in Uncle Bazzit shop in MMD
HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate QL100-255 can be used
 but only needs to be ql100 This can be found in Uncle Bazzit shop
in MMD and Tower shops
How to make
Add the Generic Volatile Nanobots the HSR compressed Regenerating Bioplate to make a
Strong regenerating Bioplate QL Special
Parts you need from Hunting
Tools you will need
Stalker Carapace
 Drop from stalkers around upper east street bank a lot I found near the river.
Rollerrat Queen Blood
Drops from Rollerat Queens also in upper street bank near the river.
Neutron Displacer QL 90+ is good...
You can find these in any supplies shop.
Basic Bio-Comminutor
can be found in all supplies shops QL 80+ best for this tarsk.
How to make
Use the Neutron Displacer on the Stalker Carapace to make a Non- regenerating bioplate.
Step 1
Step 2
Use the Basic bio comminutor on the Rollerrat Queen Blood to make a Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte.
Step 3
Add the Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte to the Non-regenerating bioplate to make your
Strong Regenerating Bioplate.
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