Bio-Mechanical Computer
Parts you need
Tools you will need
Slow-Killing Poison
Can be found on Scarlatina Omu's mobs,
which are found in south west of Hope in Mort.
Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg
Can be found on Giant Chirops which can be
 found in Greater Tir and Varmint Woods.
Unrefined Notum Salt
Can be found on Salt worms in Greater tir and Mort.
Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI
Can be found in Uncle Bazzit shop in MMD
Basic Bio-Comminutor can be found in all supplies
 shops QL80+ best for this task.
How to make
Add the unrefined salt to the Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg
 to make a Mutating Giant Cirop Egg.
Step 1
Step 2
Add the Slow-Killing Poison to the Mutating Giant Cirop Egg to make
a Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg.
Step 3
Use a Basic Bio-Comminutor on the Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg
 to make a Mutating Bio Pulp.
Step 4
Add a Bio-Mechanical AI on the Mutating Bio Pulp to make the
finished item a Bio-Mechanical Computer NOTE: You can off course
get these off alien bosses but if you not been lucky to get a drop then this is
What you need to do to make.
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