City Buildings
Parts you need
Kyr'OzchViral Serum
Made randomly from Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial,
QL of the serum will determine the Ql of the Building.
Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane QL100
Found in Varmint Woods at Manteze camps drops of scouts only.
NOTE if you wish to make low Ql like 1-32 then you do not need this
 as you can buy low Ql Generic organic immunity system from
uncle bazzit shop thus skipping step 1 and 2
Floor plan of the building you wish to make.Thease can be found in
 Uncle Bazzit shop in MMD And come in Small, Medium or Large Building floor plans.
 The difference is that you get a fish tank in a large HQ
In addition, a clinic to change your face etc and off course better Mods...
Kyr'Oach Bio-Mechanical computer
  This can be found on Alien Boss's or made which is explained
 on another guide on this site, which you can go to by clicking Guide box
 NOTE: This will only be needed if you are making a Headquarters,
Markets or Guardhouses.
Strong Regenerating Bioplate
This has to be made and you can click on the
Guide box to see how you can make this item.
Tools you will need
Basic Bio-Communicator QL80+
Needed found in all supplies shops.
Regular Building Structure
Found in Uncle Bazzit shop in MMD.
NOTE: A floor plan is Nondrop so do not buy if you have low skills
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How to make
Put the Bio communicator on the manteze scout nasal membrane you make a Membrane pulp.
Step 1
Step 2
Add the Membrane pulp to the Kry'Ozch viral serum to make
Generic Organic immunity system NOTE: if you intend to make
A QL100 or lower building then you can buy the Generic organic immunity
system from the Uncle Bazzit shop in MMD
Step 3
Add the Strong regenerating bioplate to the Generic Organic immunity system to make a Superior bioplate
Step 4A
Use the Blueprint-regular building structure on the Superior bioplate to make
 a Regular building structure
Step 4B
Buy adding the Kry'Ozch Bio-Mechanical Computer to the
 Regular Building Structure you make a Superior Building Structure.
The Step4 A and B will correspond with the building that you need.
How to make the final Steps
Buy adding the floor plan off Guardhouse, HQ, or Market you will end up with the building that
is ready to place...Below are the Benefits you get from a typical ql300 City.
Directly below is the amount of squares a building takes.
It is best to look at this before you make any buildings, as you might not be able to fit them in your city.
Large Org HQ Management Benifit

Run Speed at Level 220 99 ( 90 at lv 200)
Psychic at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Sence at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Intelligence at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Stamina at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Agility at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Strength at Level 220 9 ( 9 at lvl 200)
Swimming pool Body Dev

Swimming at Level 220 88 (80 at lvl 200)
Body Dev at Level 22 ( 54 at lvl 200)
Mining Operations Nano Powerup

Time&Space at Level 220 39 (36 at lvl 200)
Matter Crea at Level 220 39 ( 36 at lvl 200)
Psycho modi at Level 220 39 ( 36 at lvl 200)
Bio Metamor at 22 39 ( 36 at lvl 200)
Matt Metam at Level 220 39 ( 36 at lvl 200)
Sensory imp at Level 200 29 ( 36 at lvl 200)
Grid House Computor Literacy

Comp liter at 220 59 ( 54 at lvl 200)
Landing pad Vehicle Experance

Map navig at Level 220 59 ( 54 at lvl 200)
Vehicle Ground at Level 220 59 ( 54 at lvl 200)
Vehicle Water at 220 59 ( 54 at lvl 200)
Vehicle Air at Level 220 59 ( 54 at lvl 200)
To keep these Benefits active you must keep your city controller at 100% healed.
To do this you need to do team missions,
Kill the boss, which drops Controller Recompiler Unit's 50% of the time,
It seams that higher the Ql of the missions higher the Ql of the Controller Recompiler unit drops.
Therefore, your CC can be healed from 1% to 100%
Therefore, a Ql 45 CRU will heal your CC 45% so keep a look out
next time you kill a team mission boss...
Controller Recompiler Unit QL 1-100
4 X 4
4 X 3
3 X 3
2 X 2
3 X 2
1 X 1
Large HQ
Medium HQ
Swimming Pool
Small HQ
Motum Silo
EMC Tower
Mining Op
Landing Pad
Sky Bar
Sat Uplink
Gaurd House
Add a Floor plan of the type off building you need to a Regular building Structure, and you will make
 one of the above.
Shadowlands Specials
Shadowlands Armor
Shadowlands Weapons
Shadowlands Nano & Health
Rubi-Ka Specials
Rubi-Ka Armor
Rubi-Ka Weapons
Rubi-Ka Nano & Health
Alien Specials
Alien Nano & Health
Lost Eden Weapons
Lost Eden Nano & Health
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