Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU
Parts you Need
Yutto's Modified NCU QL 200
Found on Yuttos in Pen
NOTE: if your Engi has 1800 ME then u only need to buy ql 200 to make a ql 300 final item
Dormant Ancient Circuit QL 250
Found on Bosses in Albtraum play field
Well the new play field Albtraum in the depths of inferno has brought a new ncu that upgrades an old yuttos favorite.
How to make
Use your Ancient Engineering Device on the Dormant Ancient Circuit
to make a Active Ancient Circuit.
Ancient Engineering Device QL 250
This a made item (click on guide)
tradeskillsv5021012.jpg yutto_s%20modified%20ncu.gif
Add the Active Ancient Circuit to the Yutto's Modified NCU to
make you new Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU.
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