Virral Triumvirate Egg
Parts you will need to make
 The Mantis egg
 You can get from a dungeon known as Smugglers Den. Once there you will need to kill the
 Mantis Queen this is a 100% drop rate and spawns every 30 minuets or Mantis Breeders
 which has a low drop rate. The Dungeon is located at 1755 x 872 in Southern Foul Hills,
 and the queen is deep into the dungeon.
Gold ingots
Three x QL 190+ is needed an can be made from several items listed later in this page,
Found in missions or medusas in EFP or DAV.
Soul Fragment
Three x QL 190+ needed and can be found in some missions but mainly
 of medusas in EFP or DAV.
Personal furnace
Four x QL N/A needed Found in all supplies shops.
Robot junk
One x QL 190+ needed and can be found in slayer missions or around Harry’s or Lush fields.
Nano Circuitry
One x QL 170+ needed and can be found in supplies shops.
Tools you will need
Found in any Supplies shop (x1 needed QL 10)
Wire drawing machine
In any supplies shop (x1 needed QL 150+)
Jenson Gem Cutter
In any supplies shop (x1 needed QL 150+)
Precious Metal Reclaimer
(X 1 needed Found in Supplies shops QL N/A)
What makes Gold
How to make
Step 1
Add the Furnace to the mantis egg to make a petrifies mantis egg
Step 2
Presious metal reclaimer on a Gold item makes a Gold ingot
Step 3
Small Gold Ingot + Personal Furnace = Liquid Gold
you need to make 3 off these
Step 4
Liquid Gold + Wire Drawing Machine = Gold Filigree Wire
You need to make 3 of these
Step 4
Add 3 x Gold filigree wire to the egg to make fully wired mantis egg
Add the screwdriver to the Robot junk an it makes a Nano-Sensor.
This will be the same QL as the Robot junk,
Step 5
Step 6
Add the Sensor to Nano-wire to make nano sensor.
Step 7
Add the sensor to the fully wired mantis egg to make an incomplete mantis egg.
Step 8
Use the Jenson gem cutter on the 3-soul fragment's to make them perfectly cut soul fragments.
Step 9
Add all 3 perfectly cut soul fragments to the incomplete mantis egg to make your Viral Triumvirate Egg.
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