Subspace Storage Device
Parts you will need to make
Two-Dimensional Hole
Found on Anansi's Abettor
two-dimensional%20hole.gif subspace%20mesh.gif
Subspace Mesh
Found on Anasi Right Hand
Meta-Cerebellum Ring
Found on Anasi Left Hand
Short Circuited Spiritech Circlet
Found on Anasi's Favorite
Short Circuited Spiritech Circlet
Found on Scary Spider
How to make
Add the Two-Dimensional Hole to the Subspace Mesh to make your Subspace pocket.
Step 1
Add the Subspace pocket to the Meta-Cerebellum Ring to make your Subspace Meta-Cerebellum Pocket.
Step 2
Add the Meta-Cerebellum ring to the Short Circuited Spiritech Circlet to make your Stabilized Spiritech Circlet.
Step 3
Add the Subspace Meta-Cerebellum Pocket to the Stabilized Spiritech Circlet to make your Subspace Storage Device.
Step 3
This item is great for twinking, it reminds the Pre-SL Silly Ring but with better mods. All the mobs listed below can all be found in Inferno Area. These mobs are of a high level so be warned if you intend to gather the parts alone.
Shadowlands Specials
Shadowlands Armor
Shadowlands Weapons
Shadowlands Nano & Health
Rubi-Ka Specials
Rubi-Ka Armor
Rubi-Ka Weapons
Rubi-Ka Nano & Health
Alien Specials
Alien Nano & Health
Lost Eden Weapons
Lost Eden Nano & Health
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Alien Armor
Alien Weapons
Lost Eden Specials
Lost Eden Armor