Service Tower
Parts you will need to make
These Service Towers are like an extra pet for all, once you placed them on the ground, like a tower they can heal you plus attack the mob you are attacking. You can even name them to a name of your choice! They come in various levels but you normally find them in tower shops QL 150, 175, 225. The following guide shows you how to make a QL 225 Cyborg Service Tower.
Cyborg Service Tower Library QL 225
You can find this and the lower QL ones in Tower shops and in RK missions.
NOTE: The QL of the library defines the final QL.
Service Tower Shell QL 1-300
You can find this in Tower shops and in RK missions
NOTE: The QL of the shell needs to be within 10% of the Library above.
Tools you will need
Multi-Purpose Tuner QL 300
You can get this tool by doing a Quest on Rubi-Ka.
Use the guide link if you want to go to the quest walkthrough.
How to make
Use the Multi-Purpose Tuner on your Cyborg Service Tower Libary to make your Cyborg Service Tower Brain
Step 1
Step 2
Add the Service Tower Shell to the Cyborg Service Tower Brain to make your Inactive Cyborg Service Tower
inactive%20cyborg%20service%20tower.gif tradeskillsv5008008.jpg
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