Parts you will need
Notum Amplification Coil
You can loot this from the Boss General in the Alien Playfield 28
Aquarius's Multitask Calculator
You can loot this from one of the Zodiacs in Pandemonium, Shadowlands
called Aquarius.
How to make
Add the Aquarius's Multitask Calculator to your Notum Amplification Coil
to make your ObiTom's Nano Calculator.
ObiTom's Nano Calculator
This a great item, however both of the items that you need for this can be hard to get and you'll need a few of you buddies to get these.
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Shadowlands Nano & Health
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Rubi-Ka Armor
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Rubi-Ka Nano & Health
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Alien Nano & Health
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Lost Eden Nano & Health
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