Dragon Armor
Parts you will need
Dragon Armor has been around for a long time and still crafted today. It was mainly
crafted for Martial Artists, however other professions also use it for its great modifications.
You need the Flesh from a huge dragon called Tarasque which lives in a castle in Camelot.
Now, the dragon spawns in a 25% fighting area so sided battle normally take place so beware.
This is a wonderful castle so take a look around, it's full off eye candies, also there are
a few other bosses in the castle that drop some cool stuff. There are 5 pieces of armor
you can make and they include: Head, Arm, Chest, Pants and Boots.
Chunk of
Dragon Flesh
Lump of
Dragon Marrow
Patch of
Dragon Skin
Shard of
Dragon Skull
Piece of
Dragon Wing
Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor)
This tool will have to be crafted or bought, here's the link
on how it's made.

Tools you will need
How to make
All the parts of the armor is made in the same way, so I will use the chest as an example as this item is sought after the most. If you want to see the rest of the armor stats then use the guide link below.

Use the Shape Soft Armor tool on your Chunk of Living Dragon Flesh to make your Living Dragonflesh Armor.

Tarasque also drops some other nice items. I have listed a few of them below. Note you will not get all your phats in one raid so prepare to kill the dragon a lot.

heavily%20padded%20overcoat.gif aura%20magnifier.gif robust%20backpack.gif smart%20hood%20of%20the%20wanderer.gif
Heavily Padded Overcoat
Aura Magnifier
Robust Backpack
Smart Hood of the Wanderer
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